About Us

Promoting amateur astronomy on Tech’s campus and its neighborhood.

We meet every week in the Howey Physics building room L5 and go to the observatory on the roof (weather permitting). Our other activities include scheduling visits to the Fernbank Planetarium, movies, solar observing, participating in local astronomy camping events, and hosting the Boy Scouts Astronomy Merit Badge Clinic.

Meetings occur weekly on Monday nights at 8:00pm, Howey Physics L5.

Dues: $25/semester, which covers pizza at meetings, a trip to Fernbank Planetarium with Krispy Kreme donuts, and more!

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Meet our club’s leadership team!
Ethan Atkinson – President eatkinson8@gatech.edu
Blake Berge – Vice President bberge3@gatech.edu
Razeen Basunia – Treasurer rbasunia3@gatech.edu
Snigdha Nellutla – Secretary snellutla3@gatech.edu
Rahul Deshpande – Webmaster rahuldeshpande@gatech.edu
Samina Patel – PR Officer spatel790@gatech.edu

James Sowell, Faculty/Staff Advisor, jim.sowell@physics.gatech.edu
Dave Lumpkin, Atlanta Astronomy Club Liason