Welcome to the Georgia Tech Astronomy Club page! Check out the links at the top of the page to find out more about the club and the links below to learn more about the cosmos!

Astronomy @ GT: Features include pictures taken with the observatory telescope, GT’s astronomy-related courses, current research, and more!

GT Astronomy Club Facebook Group: Join for updates throughout the semester!

Scale of the Universe: Prepare to blow your mind with your microscopic existence.

Universe Today’s Guide to Space: Get a solid foundation of knowledge of the planets, other heavenly bodies, entities of the universe, observing, and history of spaceflight.

Hubble Site Gallery: Having a bad day? Hubble images are a great cure for sore eyes and the blues. Having a good day? Make it even better.

Night Skies Network: Watch from the telescopes of NSN members as they broadcast live their perspectives of the sky. *Best during eclipses and other celestial phenomena (especially those not visible from Atlanta).*

BBC’s Stargazing LIVE How-to Guides: Printable map guides, audio guides to viewing constellations, and video guides for the kid in you. Learn about the universe with episodes/clips from our friends across the water.gtastronomyclub@gmail.com

Have trouble viewing the links? Please contact us at gtastronomyclub@gmail.com